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Joseph Imbriano (Your Host)
        Joseph has built and coached 6- and 7-figure businesses for over 15 years. He is excited to bring you what he learned from solving complex business problems across different industries around the world. 
"Joseph has that rare ability to zoom out, survey the whole field, make insightful, strategic decisions -- and then zoom in, executing that decision from start to finish. Then zoom back out, evaluate the progress, tweak the strategy, and zoom back in. He inspires everyone around him. Almost nobody can do this. For Joseph, it's second nature."

- Alex P, COO

"Viglo is fortunate to have had OmniKai's help. For anyone who is building a business, or need advice for your own business, I can't recommend highly OmniKai enough. Joseph is like King Midas, everything he touches turns to gold."

- Art | Co-founder & CEO

"Thanks to Joseph, I grew my revenue 5x! It is incredible, a simple talk to him changed the whole dynamic of my working life."

-Josué | Entrepreneur

Disclaimer: Results vary. Every business is different, and will have different results. 
If you are looking to “get rich quick”, this is NOT for you.
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